One Of The Best Mistakes I’ve Ever Made

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Being authentic requires being real, and that isn’t easy in a world that values conformity.

I needed to reach out to complete strangers, to some who were very well known business leaders, to ask if I could interview them for my research project.

If I had no interviewees I had no data.

No data, meant no content for my research project.

No research project = Failed my Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership.

The challenge: I was an unknown and I didn’t know the rules of the game.

People kept telling me I couldn’t write in comic sans, because I would come across as a primary school teacher and not be taken seriously.

I tried it doing it the ‘right’ way.

It felt wrong to me.

Like I was writing with my left hand [and I’m right handed and not ambidextrous].

So…I start sending out MY type of emails.

I wrote in comic sans and wrote like the eager, over enthusiastic girl, passionate about what I do.

I wrote from the heart and explained WHY I was doing what I was doing and how I couldn’t do it without them.

THEN, the responses start coming back.

Here’s one of them:

Hi Billie
Thank you for being in touch.

What a lovely email – your energy oozes off the computer screen – love it!

Would love to chat with you but about to do a lot of travelling … could we re connect in September and maybe do it then.

Very best wishes and thank you for inspiring me.


[Jane’s one of the co-founders of Comic Relief].

Here’s another:

Hello Billie!

Thanks for your warm letter. I really liked your intro and I bet it’s not a coincidence that you chose my favorite ad / campaign of all times, kudos for that! I always felt a kind of strong connection and sympathy for Mavericks, maybe because my ”career” has always been swimming against the main stream? ???? I also like your philosophy (what I gather from your Inspiration page) and I have given a few inspirational speeches and interviews in the past so the subject is close to my heart.

This could be a nice change to expand the experience. Lets do it!

Have an awesome Sunday and let me know how you imagine we proceed.

All the best,


[Jari is the pioneer of the birdman wingsuit].

I fast learnt that not being true to who you are is the biggest mistake you can make in life [and that includes your business life].  

Be true, be real, be you!!!

How true are you being to the REAL you?